High fives come easily at the Lotus Tree. This is a place where kids—and human potential—are celebrated and championed.  Here, play is therapy. With a tree, a cave, a zip line, a music studio, learning centers, offerings for every age and so much more, we open kids and adults up in a creatively imagined space designed to elevate the senses, so we can all grow into something great.

Kids, infants, families, and adults come to the Lotus Tree to better connect the mind/body using sensory integration, occupational, speech, music and physical therapies, as well as other complementary and therapeutic services.  Several of our therapists bring their dogs to work, and we think of them as part of our team, working together with our staff to provide comfort and encouragement when extra support might be needed.

Hold on to the feeling of possibility, and celebrate accomplishments!  That’s the philosophy of the Lotus Tree.  Come here to get rooted, and see your kid—even yourself—take off.


We can do this – Together!

Spring, 2021

OPENINGS – We currently have limited openings for Occupational Therapy.  Our occupational therapists are evaluating children for services and will offer appointment times as they become available.  If your child is on our waiting list and you have not been called, feel free to call to inquire about openings.

As openings for Speech-Language therapy and Physical therapy become available we offer them to those on our waiting lists.  Referrals faxed to our clinic are placed on waiting lists until space becomes available. 

Thank you for your understanding.